GrrrlGames April’23 with Libby Walker (Diva Agency)

It was great to be back and kick off our in-person meet-ups of 2023 (finally!!) with a presentation from the very enthusiastic Libby Walker of Diva Agency, a Bristol-based agency for games publishers and developers. Libby shared her top level insights into what actually goes into games marketing and where we should focus our time and attention as indie-developers, pointing out that promoting a game doesn’t stop post-launch! (D’oh!) She also shared some very lovely pictures of penguins to illustrate her points about what percentage of your energy should be saved for which stage of marketing. We (almost smoothly) managed to share Libby’s talk over on our GrrrlGames Discord and then rounded up with updates from everyone on their latest projects. It was so nice to hear what people are up to and make new connections.

Next month’s talk is from Emma Boulton: Emma is a creative producer working with creative technology and games. She has supported the development, production and showcasing of projects in the UK and internationally. She is currently producing Playable City Sandbox and is a Trustee of Now Play This – which has just happened in London as part of London Games Festival. Join our meetup HERE to see more details and sign up to come.

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